Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Faking It.

The lack of sunshine of late, plus the tendency of my skin to freckle has once again led me back to fake tan. Being naturally pale but as someone who loves that healthy glowing look, I have worked my way through pretty much every brand of fake tan, and from gradual moisturisers to 'permanent' spray on tans. My latest experiment has been with St Tropez's Everyday Body Moisturiser Gradual Tan, winner at Company magazine's Beauty Awards 2012. I have to say the smell wasn't one of my favourites but it wasn't in any way unpleasant. The colour was subtle but importantly had brown rather than orange undertones, although for a noticeable tan you would have to use quite a lot of product. Great as a moisturiser, it leaves skin soft and supple. Overall not a bad product, but this would have to be used as part of an everyday summer beauty routine rather than a quick ditch attempt at looking tanned. Purchase for £14.30 at x.

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