Thursday, 30 August 2012

World's Best Dressed Woman? Forget Kristen Stewart its all about Miranda Kerr.

Despite Kristen Stewart being voted as the world's best dressed woman earlier this year by Glamour magazine, recent pictures proved once again to me why Miranda Kerr deserves the title instead. Effortlessly elegant, perfectly accessorised and always ladylike without the impression of too much effort, it seems Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr can't put a foot wrong in the fashion stakes (though of course, that much natural beauty certainly helps). Here I look back at some of her winning looks. x.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Homemade Egg White Face Mask

Since looking after a friend's chickens whilst they are on holiday, I have had quite a surplus of eggs in the fridge and there's only so many omlets a girl can eat! So I decided to look up homemade face masks online and came across a very simple recipe, and one that is aimed at reducing acne (bonus!).

Simply take one egg white (being careful not to include any of the yolk), whisk it up to a froth and apply to your face with your fingers or an old (but clean) make-up brush.

As it dries the mask will 'tighten' on your face. I waited for about five minutes (a good chance to read a magazine or my favourite book at the moment, The Great Gatsby) then wash off with warm water. To treat acne it is recommended that you use this mask frequently so I kept the left over egg white in the fridge to use tomorrow.

For dry skin: add a teaspoon of honey.
For a soothing effect: add two teaspoons of natural/Greek yogurt.
For oily skin: add a dash of lemon juice.

I really enjoy making face masks at home and especially this one as it was so simple! Let me know if you try this recipe or any other face masks you make yourself.

Also please don't forget to vote for me in the Daisy Street Competition by liking the photo on facebook here. I could really do with your help! x.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Daisy Street Blogger Competition

This week I was lucky enough to be contacted by Punk PR on behalf of the online womenswear retailer: Daisy Street. They are holding a competition where 10 bloggers put together their ‘MUST HAVE’ looks for A/W 12 from the pieces on their website I’ll be honest and say that I had not actually heard of the brand before but was genuinely impressed with their pieces. 

I created my look around the amazing Elene Metallic Peplum Jacket and imagined I was creating a look for a night out for drinks in a city bar. Peplums are a huge trend for next season and can be seen all over the catwalks and high street; not only is it fashion-forward, it’s actually a really figure-flattering shape! Another huge trend is embellishment and these stud collared shirts can be seen everywhere at the moment (TIP: wear the collar over the top of the jacket to highlight it). I also went for studs on the ankle boots. Seeing as I kept the base colours of my outfit monochrome, I used the yellow clutch bag and earrings to throw a splash of colour into this look, plus silver and yellow work surprisingly well together! To finish off the look I added in a bit of print with these amazing nail wraps, which are a fun and easy way to decorate your nails. 

So thats my outfit. I really hope you like it, and if you do please head over to the Daisy Street Facebook Page to vote for my entry by clicking ‘LIKE’ on my look (Please Vote for my Entry Here). The top three looks, as voted for by you, are entitled to receive a complimentary item from their look, with the overall winner recieveing their entire look! Needless to say I would absolutely love to win this prize, especially as I had so much fun putting this together and discovering this brand. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! x.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Save, Spend, Splurge.

Looking for some serious arm candy? Or should I say finger candy. Check out these amazing 'Knuckleduster Ring Clutch Bags'! Made famous by Alexander McQueen's designs and loved by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Nicola Roberts, these beauties have trickled their way down the fashion ladder to become available for all purse sizes. x.

SAVE: LYDC £16.99

SPEND: Mistress Rocks £64.99

SPLURGE: Alexander McQueen £1,395

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Inspiring Street-Style Looks.

With such changeable weather it's sometimes hard to know what to wear. Bikini? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Rain Mac and Umbrella? Check, Check. Thank you British weather. So to help anyone else stuck for ideas, here are the celebrity and blogger daytime looks that are inspiring my street style looks at the moment. Hope you enjoy! x.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Rosie Shares Lingerie Tips

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has just revealed her debut lingerie collection for the 'national treasure' of a British Brand: Marks & Spencers. And being a Victoria's Secret Angel and Agent Provocateur model, Rosie certainly knows a thing or two about looking good in lingerie. Speaking to the Sunday Times Style magazine Rosie shared her top tips:

'It's important that you are measured by a trained bra fitter every six months. Your size can vary with your diet, not to mention hormonal fluctuations. A good bra can improve your posture and make your outfit look better.'

'French knickers are great for curvy figures, shorts are best if you're boyish; a Brazilian means there's no VPL and a thong is the sexy option.'

'I don't just wear lingerie under my clothers - a camisole is the perfect layering piece and the all-in-one body would look fabulous with jeans.'

The collection hits M&S stores on the 30th August 2012, meanwhile watch the promotional video below and sign up for updates on the collection at x.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Print, Berry Shades and the Biker: Kill three A/W 12 trends in one go.

House of Fraser are currently holding a blogger style challenge in which you have an unlimited (dream!) virtual budget with which to create a winning A/W 12 look. Here is my choice. I had a lot of fun creating this look and used the same key items, changing only the accessories to take this look from day to night. The day look would be great for a day out shopping or lunch with the girls, while the night look is perfect for drinks in a cool city bar. I especially love the Peg Print Trouser by style-guru Mary Portas for House of Fraser. To shop their autumn/winter collection, click the the link x.

THERAPY, Biker Jacket, £55
PHASE EIGHT, Sequin Jumper, £65
MARY PORTAS, Peg Print Trouser, £110
STEVE MADDEN, Casual Shoes, £60
DKNY, Croco Tote, £260
DEBORAH LIPPMANN, Nail Varnish, £14
O CLOCK, Classic Watch, £35
MARTINE WESTER, Encrusted Scatter Necklace, £180
MARY PORTAS, Pouchette Bag, £59
L.K.BENNET, Shilo Court Shoe, £170

Saturday, 18 August 2012

How to: Customise

Top 1: Bleach Tie-dye & Cutout

Get the plain t-shirt you want to customise and stuff it with a plastic bag to protect the other side from the bleach. Make sure to cover your surface with newspaper to protect that too.

Tie up randomly spaced sections of the fabric with elastic bands.

Get some ordinary household bleach. Be careful not to get any on your skin.

Pour some bleach into the cap then use this to pour some bleach over the tied up fabric so that the bleach falls down the sides. Don't worry about being too precise the final look is a roughed up, grungy t-shirt so it shouldn't look perfect.

After about 10 minutes, or when you are satisfied with the colour change, wash off the bleach.

Remove the elastic bands to reveal your tie-dye top and leave to dry. If you want to stop here then make sure to wash your top thoroughly in a washing machine before wearing to get rid of the bleach smell.

To create the cut-outs, pinch a section of fabric and cut off the top with scissors.

Here is the final top! I would wear with denim shorts, ankle boots and lots of  grunge-chic jewelry.

Top 2: Bleach in a Shape

Repeat the same process with the newspaper and plastic bag as with Top 1.

To create a heart shape that is symmetrical, fold a piece of paper in half then on one side draw half of a heart shape.

Fold over again and cut along the line. When you open the cut-out shape it will be a symmetrical heart.

Place your paper shape on your t-shirt.

Fill a glass with plain water and get an old paintbrush that you don't mind being ruined by the bleach.

Paint a water layer onto the top around your paper shape. Then discard the paper.

Paint on the bleach working from the inside of your shape, out.

Continue until the whole shape is covered using the bleach to go over the water-layer outline.

As the bleach works it should look like this after about 10 minutes. Again we are not going for a perfect look, so the bleeding of colour and roughness of shape works well.

Wash off the bleach.

Here is the final top! A 'wear-with-anything' style that  reminds me of the Victoria's Secret 'Supermodel Essentials' Collection.

Shoes: Embellished with Brooches

Buy some plain shoes that you want to embellish. they can be any style but make sure the material they are made from is a fabric or felt otherwise you will not be able to pierce the brooch through.

Take two matching brooches of your choice. The great thing about embellishing in this way is that as soon as you become bored of this style you can simply change the brooches for an instant update!

Simply pin the brooches on and you have a completely new (and more expensive) looking pair of shoes!

Feeling frugal? As a student I am constantly looking for ways to change up my look on a budget. Needing some throw-on-tees I decided to customise two plain coloured t-shirts that I already owned. I then went out to buy some plain black slipper shoes (in love with the comfort and easy style of these shoes!) and two brooches to easily customise them. See the results and my step-by-step guide. x.

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