Sunday, 19 August 2012

Print, Berry Shades and the Biker: Kill three A/W 12 trends in one go.

House of Fraser are currently holding a blogger style challenge in which you have an unlimited (dream!) virtual budget with which to create a winning A/W 12 look. Here is my choice. I had a lot of fun creating this look and used the same key items, changing only the accessories to take this look from day to night. The day look would be great for a day out shopping or lunch with the girls, while the night look is perfect for drinks in a cool city bar. I especially love the Peg Print Trouser by style-guru Mary Portas for House of Fraser. To shop their autumn/winter collection, click the the link x.

THERAPY, Biker Jacket, £55
PHASE EIGHT, Sequin Jumper, £65
MARY PORTAS, Peg Print Trouser, £110
STEVE MADDEN, Casual Shoes, £60
DKNY, Croco Tote, £260
DEBORAH LIPPMANN, Nail Varnish, £14
O CLOCK, Classic Watch, £35
MARTINE WESTER, Encrusted Scatter Necklace, £180
MARY PORTAS, Pouchette Bag, £59
L.K.BENNET, Shilo Court Shoe, £170


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