Thursday, 16 August 2012

Departure Lounge Style

When it comes to airport/travel dressing there seems to be two camps. The 'see every public place as yet another personal runway' types and the 'effortlessly casual and comfy' looks. But don't be fooled, just as much time has gone into planning the seemingly thrown-together casual look as the polished flight-upgrade-ready styles. So are you the Victoria Beckham type, or more of an Elle Macpherson? Here are my two looks from my trip to Ireland, in which I tried out both. Even though I loved the comfort of the second look I have to admit, had it not been a late night flight I'm not so sure I would have felt as comfortable being so dressed down. I guess I know which kind of airport dresser I am... x.

Upcoming Features: How to: Customise, More Wedding Photos + Detox Diet Results (as requested) & House of Fraser Blogger Style Challenge.

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