Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Dresses, Dunn & Detox Diets

So this past week I'm afraid I have gone a bit quiet on you. I was attending a wedding in Ireland and what with bad Internet connections I was unable to get around to writing any new posts. But idle I have not been. Travelling gave me the opportunity to work on a feature about airport style which will be coming shortly and I have been turning my hand to some customisation, which I will also share with you. Aside from this was my final decision on what to wear to the wedding, watching the Olympic Closing Ceremony from a hotel room and enjoying the tribute to British fashion, of which British models Kate Moss, David Gandy and Jourdan Dunn amongst others wowed in golden creations. And my detox diet? Well that refers to the health boost (not to mention carb-cutting) that my diet desperately needs after a week of wedding events and food-driven socialising. I plan to do one day of fasting as promoted recently in a BBC Horizon: Eat, Fast & Live Longer programme, in which I will drink only water and flavoured tea. Day 2 of my cleanse: I will add in fruit and veg in liquid form to my water and tea diet. After this I aim to do a week of all the previous plus low-carb proteins such as eggs and quorn. I'll let you know how this goes and what I plan to do after to get my body back in shape! Stay tuned for upcoming posts on airport style and cheap-and-cheerfull customisation ideas. x.


  1. oh I think I'd like more pictures from that wedding outfit, you look amazing!!! I have a wedding at the end of october and could use some inspiration!


    1. Thank you so much! I will put up some more photos with accessories detail for you to look at.



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