Saturday, 18 August 2012

How to: Customise

Top 1: Bleach Tie-dye & Cutout

Get the plain t-shirt you want to customise and stuff it with a plastic bag to protect the other side from the bleach. Make sure to cover your surface with newspaper to protect that too.

Tie up randomly spaced sections of the fabric with elastic bands.

Get some ordinary household bleach. Be careful not to get any on your skin.

Pour some bleach into the cap then use this to pour some bleach over the tied up fabric so that the bleach falls down the sides. Don't worry about being too precise the final look is a roughed up, grungy t-shirt so it shouldn't look perfect.

After about 10 minutes, or when you are satisfied with the colour change, wash off the bleach.

Remove the elastic bands to reveal your tie-dye top and leave to dry. If you want to stop here then make sure to wash your top thoroughly in a washing machine before wearing to get rid of the bleach smell.

To create the cut-outs, pinch a section of fabric and cut off the top with scissors.

Here is the final top! I would wear with denim shorts, ankle boots and lots of  grunge-chic jewelry.

Top 2: Bleach in a Shape

Repeat the same process with the newspaper and plastic bag as with Top 1.

To create a heart shape that is symmetrical, fold a piece of paper in half then on one side draw half of a heart shape.

Fold over again and cut along the line. When you open the cut-out shape it will be a symmetrical heart.

Place your paper shape on your t-shirt.

Fill a glass with plain water and get an old paintbrush that you don't mind being ruined by the bleach.

Paint a water layer onto the top around your paper shape. Then discard the paper.

Paint on the bleach working from the inside of your shape, out.

Continue until the whole shape is covered using the bleach to go over the water-layer outline.

As the bleach works it should look like this after about 10 minutes. Again we are not going for a perfect look, so the bleeding of colour and roughness of shape works well.

Wash off the bleach.

Here is the final top! A 'wear-with-anything' style that  reminds me of the Victoria's Secret 'Supermodel Essentials' Collection.

Shoes: Embellished with Brooches

Buy some plain shoes that you want to embellish. they can be any style but make sure the material they are made from is a fabric or felt otherwise you will not be able to pierce the brooch through.

Take two matching brooches of your choice. The great thing about embellishing in this way is that as soon as you become bored of this style you can simply change the brooches for an instant update!

Simply pin the brooches on and you have a completely new (and more expensive) looking pair of shoes!

Feeling frugal? As a student I am constantly looking for ways to change up my look on a budget. Needing some throw-on-tees I decided to customise two plain coloured t-shirts that I already owned. I then went out to buy some plain black slipper shoes (in love with the comfort and easy style of these shoes!) and two brooches to easily customise them. See the results and my step-by-step guide. x.


  1. Awesome DIY! :D
    Would love to follow each other!


    1. Thanks! About to check out your blog now x.

  2. The shoess are amazing, look expensive too0 really good DIY ideas


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