Friday, 17 August 2012

Bit of It All.

Bit of a mixed bag today. Here are the results of my detox diet, some more wedding photos as requested, and my pick of new IT-things this week.

First up, my detox diet has been going well. I have lost the extra few pounds I had acquired whilst in Ireland and feel much healthier generally. The first day of fasting was tough and I have to admit I did cheat a little in the evening by having a smoothie and some soup (still healthy and low calorie). By the second day I wasn't experiencing the same hunger but I did have bad headaches, so it is important to keep your intake of water up. Today is the third day and I get to add in protein to my diet (!) I have chosen low calorie options, such as my favourite chicken-style Quorn pieces (eggs are also an excellent source of low calorie protein). I intend to keep up this fruit, veg and protein diet up for a little longer, and have also taken up Pilates which I am loving! I'm not the best for sticking with exercise programmes but I really like how easy going and yet effective Pilates seems to be. Its great for those who want that Miley Cyrus-esque flat stomach, she herself being an avid fan.

Secondly, I have provided more photos of my wedding look, so I hope these provide all of you with a wedding or formal event to attend with some inspiration! The details include; nude heels, a black fascinator from House of Fraser, a pink and white patterned clutch from New Look (Rochelle Wiseman from the Saturdays was seen out with this clutch recently), a pink rose ring and pink nails. I wore my hair in a side bun at the nape of the neck using one of the 'hair doughnuts', some clips and a lot of hairspray!

And my new IT-things? Victoria's Secret's first UK store in  Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford. I went in yesterday, and it is quite simply amazing. These people certainly know how to market a brand + their products are of amazing quality. I for one, am certainly glad to have this great brand finally in the UK.

One last thing, on my radar this week are Wedge Hi-Tops. These have been growing in popularity over the summer and now I seem to be spotting them everywhere. They are great for adding that hidden bit of height whilst being casual enough for everyday wear. And after Millie Mackintosh was spotted wearing a pair at last nights launch of boyfriend Professor Green's clothing line for Puma, I'm sold. Check out this cute embellished pair from New Look for £64.99! x.

Upcoming Posts: How to: Customise, House of Fraser Blogger Style Challenge & Kate Beckinsale + Jessica Alba's 'Total Recall' Red Carpet Round Up.

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