Sunday, 15 July 2012

Retail THERAPY: Do you 'occasion shop'?

Feelings definitely play a huge role in the shopping process. Retailers know this. Hence why companies spend millions on creating the right moods and experiences in their stores, to get shoppers to shop. But do you know the feelings which motivate you to shop? Are you a compulsive buyer who gets home with a pile of clothes only for half to be returned later? Or are you the frugal type who buys what she needs, when she needs? For the majority of us, shopping is driven not by necessity but by the desire to treat ourselves. And the need to treat? Well that comes either as a reward for something we are proud to have achieved (such as the silver ring I bought for myself at the end of first year exams) or for when we need to raise our spirits. For me shopping can be a distraction in such times and lets face it, feeling better about your outward appearance (thanks to that new jacket or bag) can do wonders for the inside you. You become a more empowered version of yourself, with your new 'armour' and confidence, problems don't seem as great or you at least have a renewed vigor with which to attack these problems. So perhaps the 'therapy' in 'retail therapy' is the dominant word here? In the past fifty years, shopping has become a luxury for the masses, a recognised pastime. Shopping has become an expression of the events in our lives. Shopping has become an occasion. x.

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