Sunday, 23 September 2012

When I Grow Up.

I am about to hit twenty, the end of my teenage years [gasp!]. And yes, I know that is by no means old, in fact I am rather excited to embrace a more 'grown-up' style of dressing. Longer lengths become somehow acceptable and not 'frumpy'... I hear a midi calling my name! Beyond this and looking even further forward, is what I want to look like when I 'grow up'. Mature celebrities such as Michelle Pfieffer, Sarah Jessica Parker and Christie Brinkley (all above the age of 45) effortlessly navigate the red carpets, often outshining their younger counterparts. Whether you put it down to years of experience in expert dressing, or beautifully maintained complexions and hairstyles, you have to hand it to these women: they look hot. So when I grow up (properly) I want to look like that. Best go put on some moisturiser and factor 50. x.

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